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  • Information and Consultation! Explore all hidden opportunities in Tiffany Styled Glass! We offer consultation and provide information supported by pictures and designer ideas for your kind consideration. We’ll help to transform your environment into more stylish and more cozy ambience..
  • Planning and Implementation! After you chose the style and product you would like to order, we take the project from there from planning to producing the desired item. We present a variety of choice inherent in Art glass making, so you have a broad variety of forms and styles to choose from..
  • Home Delivery and Assembly! Window units will be assembled and installed by us in your home, in expert manner so all you need to do is watch the project become reality.
  • Termopane and Insulation Glass. Often - mostly in the case of main entrance doors and windows – it may become necessary to use termopane glass, heat and / or sound insulation. For example, for your entrance door, we offer a solution that combines the Tiffany style window pane with termopane insulation without disrupting the beautiful design, but offering improved insulation.
  • Maintenance. If, in the long run a little piece of glass breaks away from the pattern due to some external factor (item being hit, or exposed to very strong temperature changes), we gladly offer our assistance to correct the problem. One of the major advantages of using Tiffany style glass is that any such damage can easily be repaired by our skilled Artisans. We can exchange the damaged piece and the rest of the item remains intact. A Tiffany style glass making technology harbors a lot of practical benefits besides being beautiful!
  • Unique object! When the customer verifies his / her choice upon reviewing the blue print, a unique design is created, following the individual choices the customer made. We never create the same item for two customers, so the customer becomes part of the Artistic process and has an opportunity to explore his / her creativity. We keep the records of each design, so should the same customer wish to order the exact same piece later on, he / she will be able to do so.
  • Guarantee! We offer life time warranty on all our products. Tiffany style objects long lasting, the glass color does not fade, and can not practically become obsolete if treated with care. It is possible to remove the potential oxidation easily on the seam lines by simple cleaning methods available in the store.

We offer 100% customer satisfaction that reflects our credo and pride in our workmanship!

Today, we can honestly rely on the positive feedback we have been receiving from many customers; but we do not rest until we can improve our technique even further. Because we are talking about Artistic expression here, it is one of our major goals to emphasize the unique nature of each product we create. We strive to offer our products as a unique item, therefore contributing to the interior design of each customer’s home.  Our plans and layouts are professionally developed to exact measurements and precision work. This involves all steps of production, starting with the selection of the most suitable materials, colors and designs to the final steps of installation. We cater to our customers’ wishes as much as possible, and take their feedback seriously. We have been exhibiting at various forums, introducing a broad range of our products. Our goal is to have happy return customers, who recommend us for our high work moral and skilled Artisanship and professional customer service.

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